Published On: Thu, Nov 13th, 2014

Plasterk: “Oil refinery remains an internal issue of Curaçao”

oil refineryWILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Minister of Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk indicated, during a debate in the Lower House of the Dutch parliament, that he will never mingle in the internal affairs of Curaçao. This is also including the oil refinery. “Whatever will happen with the refinery is not my business, but of the people of Curaçao,” the minister said during the debate.

Minister Plasterk reiterated on various occasions that the future of the refinery an autonomous country affair where the Netherlands is not a party in.

The Dutch government is willing to give technical support to Curaçao if they officially request this, but when it comes to dismantling the refinery facilities, the Netherlands will not pay for the cleanup of the heavily polluted area. There are about 3 billion dollars needed for this project.

Several MPs asked the minister who will pay for this, because, according to them, Curaçao does not have 3 billion dollars for this project. Minister Plasterk indicated that he cannot make any statements about this issue, but he assured the MPs that there are several scenarios being discussed about the future of the refinery. “Curaçao has not even asked for this financial assistance,” the minister said.

The Dutch MPs have accused the government of Curaçao of not doing enough to modernize the refinery. Since the government has bought the refinery from Shell in the 80’s, it has done nothing to solve the pollution problem.

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