Published On: Thu, Sep 6th, 2012

Political Party PAR presents crisis document

WILLEMSTAD – Political Party PAR has presented a crisis document with a contingency plan to get Curacao out of "the deep crisis in  which it finds itself". The party presented the plan during a press conference. "We need to form a National Restore Platform" according to the party.

"Curaçao is in serious crisis. We have huge financial problems, the Prime Minister and the Director of the Central Bank have a serious conflict, the supply of electricity is poor, many districts have no water pressure, the education system is in trouble and the relationship with the Kingdom is greatly deteriorated " began party leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage her speech at a press conference at their party building. "We thank God that there will be elections."

Sound financial management
"The recovery will not be easy but the PAR offers the alternative," said the former Prime Minister. Thus, the party wants to returned to a 'sound financial management'. This should be done with a realistic budget, sturdy direction from the Minister of Finance, balanced multi annual budgets, good relations with the Central Banks and balance of payments.

A National Recovery Platform, according to the PAR will monitor these measures. "There should be as soon as possible a plan to get more capital in the public companies, financial health, beginning with Aqualectra, Curoil and Curacao Dry Dock, who are in serious financial problems again," according to the party.

But the PAR also considers a solution to tackle the electricity and water prices, refinery and environment in one swoop. "By switching to gas as fuel, with the help of the Kingdom." Gas will, according to the opposition party, reduce costs for Aqualectra and the refinery. "It will also be an improvement for the environment and refinery to switch gas." This must be achieved with a Kingdom Project. "First per boat for Curacao in cooperation with Aruba and Bonaire. Then with a pipeline to the mainland of South America. "

In addition, the PAR focuses on restoring the relationship with the Netherlands and the United States. Furthermore, the strengthening of the rule of law and the Constitutional Court is on the program. The party will, in the coming campaign period, distribute leaflets with concrete actions which have to be realized to get Curacao back on track.

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