Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Prime Minister asks embattled Public Health Minister to answer questions in Parliament

PisasWILLEMSTAD – Prime Minister of Curaçao Gilmar Pisas asked Parliament to give the Minister of Public Health, Environment and Nature, Sisline Girigoria an opportunity to answer questions this coming Thursday. The Minister will have to explain her trip to Geneva and her self-appointment to post in one of her departments.

Pisas indicated that there is a lack of information in this case. “Before I traveled to China, I gave plenty of information.”

“In Minister Girigoria’s case, there was a lack of communication which gave room for rumors. There is no one better to explain and give information on this case than the Minister herself,” said the Prime Minister.

Pisas said that immediately after his arrival from China, he received a letter from the MAN faction in Parliament with several questions. He also said that he will answer them if the Members of Parliament would give him the time to do so. “The best way to function responsibly in this country is to call the Minister, ask her to cut her trip short, return and face Parliament.”

The Prime Minister indicated that he believes that the Minister of Public Health will return to the island early this week and will have enough time to prepare for the Parliament meeting on Thursday. “I believe that we cannot judge a person without giving them a chance to explain. Parliament wanted to adopt a motion of no confidence against the Minister and we only have two more weeks to go. I don’t see why there is a rush to get rid of this Minister.”

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