Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Prime Minister: “I don’t understand why they are still on strike!”

Unions4WILLEMSTAD - The Prime Minister of Curaçao Eugene Rhuggenaath said in an interview that he doesn’t understand what the unions still want to achieve. “As a government, we have met the unions on all three points (minimum wage, car insurance, redundancies at UTS). I really don’t know what more do they want. I don’t understand the purpose of their fight,” said the Prime Minister.

The actions of the 15 trade unions, linked as Solidaridat Sindikal, continues today. The demonstrators gathered at 7.00 this morning at the trade union building of PWFC (representatives of the oil refinery employees) at the Schottegatweg.

The action committee did not want to comment about what they will do after the meeting. They will make this announcement to their members during the meeting. The action committee is now talking about a new strategy called Plan C. Their members will receive instructions this morning.

But the actions will be harder anyway than until now, said Alex Molina of the committee last night. The trade unions hope that today more Unions5people than yesterday will respond to the call to manifest because there was no question of a massive turnout. “We are calling not only our members but all employees to come to the PWFC building. We continue the fight,” said Molina.

According to Molina, the trade unions are still prepared to consult with the government, but the ball is now in their court. “They have to come up with something and hopefully soon, because the longer the actions last, the more desperate the people become and the greater the danger that it gets out of hand.”

This is what the Prime Minister does not understand. The government has agreed in part to the demands and has even invited the unions for a dialogue. Instead of talking, the unions choose to hold actions disrupting public order.

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