Published On: Wed, Nov 1st, 2017

Prime Minister Rhuggenaath travels to Costa Rica to represent Kingdom

Rhuggenaath1WILLEMSTAD - At the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Eugene Rhuggenaath will be in San José, Costa Rica on November 2 and 3 to attend the Conference of Contracting Parties to the Convention on Cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and psychotropic substances by sea and air in the Caribbean and the Seminar on the San José Convention. The Prime Minister is the delegation leader.

The San José Convention is a regional treaty aimed at regional cooperation in the Caribbean to promote combating drug trafficking and transnational criminal networks in the field of drugs. This is the first time the parties get together. The implementation of the treaty will be discussed in practice and possible improvements in its implementation and the strengthening of operational cooperation between the parties.

During the Seminar on the San José Convention, the parties will focus on the creation of more support for the "San José Convention" from the other Caribbean countries. Among other things, by discussing the benefits of the "San José Convention" and specifying the effects of transnational and drug-related crime in the Caribbean communities. Furthermore, the Prime Minister will also hold bilateral talks with the Costa Rica and business authorities.

Premier Rhuggenaath will be assisted by Brigadier General De Vin of the Royal Navy and Coast Guard and by both Kingdom Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Directorate of Curaçao.

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