Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

Prime Minister signed MoU for innovation

Prime Minister_NTOTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the cooperation between Curaçao and the research institute TNO was sealed. This took place during the visit of Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath in the Netherlands.

This must contribute to improving economic growth. This is how the Ministry of General Affairs explains this newspaper when requested. The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, as TNO is fully called, should serve as a kind of innovation lab for Curaçao. TNO will conduct research into various innovative projects and, in particular, the way in which these can be realized on the island. The institute will also help raise funds and participating companies to actually implement the projects.

For the time being, the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning (VVRP) is the only ministry that has already submitted plans for this. For example, the automatic pilot driving, which it is being investigated whether this is possible in Curaçao, and pilot Green, in which the optimal transition to a livable and sustainable environment can be designed. The starting point of the MoU is that ultimately every ministry uses TNO. Each ministry can indicate which area it wants to carry out further research.

The MoU was signed by Prime Minister Rhuggenaath and member of the Board of Management of TNO Wim Nagtegaal.

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