Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2013

Private sector must step out of its comfort zone

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD – The private sector is not doing nearly enough. Most investments are done in the consumption sphere.

It seems like the private sector does not want to withdraw from her comfort zone in which, as it were, they are running behind the government. They lack leadership now, companies which are willing to take risks and take innovative actions. These statements can be read in an interview with Alex Rosaria in the biweekly magazine Paisahe in which the political leader of PAIS expresses himself on the developments of the past few months and the Curaçao economy. With these ideas the PAIS foreman certainly does not want to shift the blame on the private sector but would only indicate that the industry should play an active role as the engine of the economy.

The government has taken a number of unpopular measures in recent months to put the financial situation of the island in order. These measures should have been taken long ago but so far no government dared to take such measures. This is not to say that the role of government is finished. There is still a lot to be done and the government has yet sure to take some more measures, but we also know that we will not achieve this necessary economic growth. For an economic growth is in fact more required and both the government and the private sector play an important role. A government that creates the necessary frameworks and private sector which participates as an engine of economic growth. It is precisely this participation of the private sector, which is currently not enough crystallized, said Rosaria. Most projects that the Curaçao economy has or has had concerns consumption activities. There are only a few or no production activity initiated in recent years.

Innovation, risk and leadership, are the characteristics which have to be developed, so that entrepreneurs can step out of their comfort. Rosaria believes that there is not only an active role desired of the private sector at this time, but also an innovative role. We should not think that we can keep doing the same things, with the same results. Rosaria calls the international financial sector and the refinery as an example. These sectors have over time become less important, nevertheless we do not dare to face it and tap into new ideas. No economy can grow successfully without new innovative ideas. No economy can grow without a creative private sector that is open to new ideas.

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