Published On: Mon, Sep 29th, 2014

Problems within coalition party PNP

Maria Liberia PetersWILLEMSTAD – There are serious problems within the coalition party Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (PNP). These internal conflicts have painfully come up during a recent party conference where the members of the party discussed the appointment of PNP member and former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Suzy Camelia-Römer to the Kingdom Committee for the evaluation of the Judicial Consensus Statute Laws.

According to the former political leader of the party and also a former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Maria Liberia-Peters, it is useless to discuss the appointment of Camelia-Römer to the committee. According to her, Camelia-Römer should not be thwarted in its work as one of the experts in this field.

“The decision was made three months ago. What I find repugnant is that after this decision was made, debate has erupted about the person Camelia- Römer and not the cause or the contents of the case,” Liberia-Peters said.

A fraction of the party does not support Camelia- Römer as a member of said committee. Maria Liberia-Peters has openly interfered with the discussions and demanded support for Römer.

The feud also affects the stability of the coalition. Coalition partners PS and Independent Member of Parliament Sulvaran are also against the appointment of Camelia-Römer. PAIS strongly supports their justice minister, who appointed her.

Sulvaran was surprised that the Kingdom Council of Minister has already appointed a chairman and members for the evaluation committee on July 11, while the four Ministers of Justice have made a decision on August 21 on the composition and criteria for the members of the committee.

Last week Tuesday, the leader of the PNP party, Humphrey Davelaar, during a weekly meeting of political leaders in the coalition, asked to postpone this discussion. According to Davelaar, he needed all relevant documents to further study this matter before making a decision. This request from the PNP leader was a surprise for many because at first he firmly supported the appointment of Camelia-Römer.

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