Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2013

Problems within Pueblo Soberano

Pueblo Soberano during the electionWILLEMSTAD – The late Helmin Wiels, former leader of the political party Pueblo Soberano, expressed his wishes as to who he wants as Ministers in the new political government in a letter signed by him. There are different media sources who claim to have a copy of this letter. Leaders of the party claim that they have never seen the letter neither a copy of it. This explains why on May 6, a day after Helmin Wiels wask murdered, the leadership of the party informed formateur Glenn Camelia that they have appointed a negotiating team for the process of forming a Government. Members of this team are interim parliament faction leader Ivar Asjes, Maria Nita (secretary) and Aubert Wiels (vice president of the party).

According to the party president, Donny Balentina, he has no knowledge of the letter and obviously he has problems with the proposed candidates for the different ministerial posts. “If it’s true that these candidates were proposed by the former leader, then it was done without our knowledge,” Balentina declared.

Many people have also expressed their confusion for Ivar Asjes’ current status. Even though he resigned as member of Parliament, he is still and MP till June 2 of this year. The other 4 members of Parliament are, Elmer Wilsoe, Melvin Cijntje, Jaime Cordoba and Winifred Raveneau.  Sherwin Leonora will become member of Parliament when Asjes  is no longer an MP.

Members of the party are fearful. As it was expected, after the death of Helmin Wiels, a leadership vacuum appeared. Three prominent members have now claimed leadership of the party.

First is Ivar Asjes who for a long time now has been considered the crown prince. He’s now the interim faction leader in Parliament.

Second is Mac Cijntje, former president of the party and current member of Parliament. He’s also very popular in the media. Recently he proposed to wait for three months before choosing a new leader for the party.

Third is Aubert Wiels, Helmin Wiels’ brother and the current vice-president of the party. He has support of the most members to take over the reigns as leader of the party.

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