Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2012

Pueblo Soberano has presented its list for the upcoming elections

WILLEMSTAD – On Friday August 31, 2012 Political Party Pueblo Soberano was the first one to present its list for the upcoming elections. The party is headed by its leader and founder Helmin Wiels.

Helmin Wiels is well known for being outspoken and very controversial. They are hopeful for a victory on October 19, 2012.

Minister of Education Mr. Carlos Monk is not on the ballot. He stated that this is due to family matters. Many have stated that the leadership is not satisfied with his performance, especially on the issue of free education.


The first 10 on the list are:

  1. Helmin Wiels (Member of Parliament)
  2. Ivar Asjes (President of Parliament)
  3. Melvin Cijntje
  4. Jaime Luis Cordoba (Member of Parliament)
  5. Elmer Wilsoe (Minister of Justice)
  6. Winifred Raveneau
  7. Sherwin Leonora
  8. Carlos Trinidad (Minister of Government Policy, Planning and Public Services)
  9. Aivi Rosalia Stacie
  10. Ludwin Margarita

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