Published On: Fri, Aug 9th, 2013

Robby’s lottery calls Asjes a liar

UTS/Robbie'sWILLEMSTAD – In a reaction to the Prime Minister’s statements on Robbie’s lottery and his sms-lottery, Robby Dos Santos’ lawyer said that Premier Ivar Asjes is lying if he says that the lottery company Robbie’s Lottery offers the possibility of buying lottery tickets to participate with the Wega di Number Kòrsou by sending and receiving sms’ through the agency of telecommunication company ATM (UTS).

According to Sulvaran & Peterson (Dos Santos’ lawyers), Asjes’ accusations aimed at Robbie Dos Santos are flagrant lies, which are perhaps meant by him to disguise and conceal the criminal actions currently attributed to him in the press, according to statements from the attorney’s office.

Asjes ordered Robbie’s Lottery to stop offering lottery games per sms as per November 1st . The Prime Minister indicated that the lottery is illegal, the company does not have the required permits, sales tax isn’t paid, and minors could supposedly buy lottery tickets through the sms system.

In a written reaction Sulvaran & Peterson state that they asked Asjes, in his capacity as Minister of General Affairs, to indicate which facts and/or circumstances led him to think that Stephanie Jansen, who currently operates on Curaçao under the name ‘Robbie’s Lottery’, or even her father, Robbie dos Santos, offers the possibility to buy lottery tickets to participate with the Wega di Number Kòrsou by sending and receiving sms through the agency of United Telecommunication Services (UTS). The attorney’s office states that Asjes hasn’t responded to this request yet. They therefore accuse him of routing Dos Santos and that he’s on an entirely personal tour to pursue and slander a specific entrepreneur who apparently turned his back on him politically. Dos Santos, who doesn’t occupy himself with lottery activities on Curaçao since 2012 according to the statement, denies through his attorneys to have contravened the local law. “After all, it is Smartplay NV domiciled on St. Maarten, founded under St. Maarten law, and acting under the name ‘Robbie’s’ in the economic activities, which offers the possibility to buy lottery tickets there to participate with the Wega di Number Kòrsou by sending and receiving sms’ through the agency of a telecommunication company.” According to the attorney’s office, Smartplay offers the sms-service through the Radcomm Corporatio also domiciled on St. Maarten. Although this is a subsidiary of United Telecommunication Services (UTS), it’s an independent company.

Dos Santos also denies that Smartplay is the only company that occupies itself with these activities. Also Kennedy Neman offers this sms-service for lotteries through telecom company Digicel. According to the lawyers, also current minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm (PAIS), and offered participation to Wega di Number Kòrsou via sms until recently. Dos Santos dismisses the argument that minors are able to buy lottery tickets. Everyone wanting to cash a winning lottery ticket is to identify him/herself and this is never paid to minors.

Source: Amigoe

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