Published On: Sat, May 24th, 2014

Rosaria: “If you want to book success abroad, you must be successful at home first”

Alex-RosariaWILLEMSTAD – If you want to book success overseas, you first need to be successful at home. Not the other way, according to the PAIS leader, Alex Rosaria during the conference Doing Business in the Kingdom which was held in Sint Maarten.

The theme of his presentation was the importance of a high quality of law as a prerequisite for effective cooperation within and outside the Kingdom.

The rule of law must be viewed from two perspectives: that of the citizen and that of the cooperation between countries. From both perspectives is that the trust and credibility of our democracy and democratic institutions must be high. This does not mean that these institutions or the people manning them are perfect or ever will be. It does mean that we should try to perfect them every day. What we should not do in any case is attack our constitution and try to break it.

Without naming names Rosaria warned for statements and even actions that have recently been undertaken to achieve exactly that. He finds them extremely alarming and not in the interest of the economic development of our country, which are necessary for our progress.

According to Rosaria, who specializes in foreign trade, the first three articles of the WTO Treaty cover the prohibition of discrimination and also equal treatment. Rosaria: “The forefathers of foreign trade who have written this treaty, back then called the GATT, after the Second World War, knew that no foreign cooperation in the field of trade was possible without this primal principle of the rule of law.”

For the external credibility of our country, it is important that the functioning of our constitutional is at a high-level. Without this, economic cooperation within or outside the Kingdom is (almost) impossible. According to Rosaria, we should just work to strengthen our legal system and not destroy it. Working on a wide range of monitoring and checks and balances, and not waste our energy on inventing reins of non-income forms of government.

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