Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2013

Rosaria: We must analyze situation dismissed officials and heads of departments

WILLEMSTAD – The Government will consider which dismissed head of department and officials can return to their posts. That is what Prime Minister Daniel Hodge and Minister of Board, Planning and Government Services Etienne van der Horst announced yesterday in Parliament.

This Public Meeting of Parliament was requested by the political party PAR. The Members of Parliament of the yellow party wanted to include Harold Daal, former director of Civil Registrar’s Office and Edsel Gumbs, former director of the Intelligence Services Curacao. Alex Rosaria of PAIS recognized that after 10-10-10 the Government was careless with the civil service.

According to some members of Parliament the debate completely derailed in the Parliament on this issue because parties were blaming each other back and forth.

Prime Minister Hodge declared that each case will have to be viewed separately. “Everyone has fault in this, it was like a witch hunt against the top management of these public entities,” according to Rosaria.

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