Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2012

Schotte does not recognize new interim government

WILLEMSTAD – According to our information, former Prime Minister of Curacao declared during a radio interview at Radio Hoyer 2 (Dutch Radio) that he does not recognize the new interim government. Notwithstanding leaving the office of the Prime Minister last night, he is still the demissionary Prime Minister of Curacao according to Schotte.

“The interim government is illegal and even when sworn in there were still mistakes made”, Schotte declared. He will continue with governing. If the people of Curacao agree with this we will see on October 19 with the results of the election. Schotte has been adamant about the validity of the new interim government, even when the police and other authorities have declared that they follow the new interim government and thus the new Minister of Justice Mr. Stanley Betrian.

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