Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

Schotte: “Marriott sold to friends”

Marriott1WILLEMSTAD - According to the leader of the opposition party MFK, Gerrit Schotte, the Rif Resort Inc, which is operated by the international hotel chain Marriott Hotel was sold to friends. He argues that the government has ignored an offer of 30 million for the buildings and has sold them to a group of friends for 25 million guilders, whereby 5 million will not end up in the state treasury. Also, the hotel will be closed for 14 months.

Schotte made this declaration during a press conference at the party headquarters today. The MP indicates that he felt compelled to bring this issue to the public. Schotte said that he had to bring this to the public, because the questions asked by the Members of Parliament about the sale of the hotel go unanswered by the government and the coalition parties in parliament.

“The workplace of 250 people is now in danger and when we ask, we get nothing. We have evidence and documents about the agreement. This is a scam!” said Schotte.

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