Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Schotte misused diplomatic passport

Glenn SulvaranWILLEMSTAD - According to the independent member of Parliament,  Glenn Sulvaran, one of the eleven members of the Parliament that supports the current coalition, the parliament meeting yesterday about the behavior of former Prime Minister, Gerrit Schotte abroad, was requested to discuss his actions as member of Parliament. Not as a private person.

“It's about the fact that he used his diplomatic passport to penetrate another delegation, that of Haiti, to attend the state funeral of Hugo Chávez. In addition, the member of Parliament was not invited.”

According to Sulvaran, it cannot be that people abuse their diplomatic passports. Schotte supposedly represented our Parliament by using his diplomatic passport, but no one has commissioned him to do so. “This is not possible. We are not interested in what he does with his national passport. He can use that to go anywhere he wants.”

According to Sulvaran, Schotte has recently sent an email to the press with a copy of his passport. But that, he says, is no evidence that Schotte did not abuse his diplomatic passport.

It was probably photoshopped. He must have used his diplomatic passport to attended the funeral of Chávez. And this is not allowed.

“That is improper,” Sulvaran continues. “We know Schotte by now. If this was not true, he would have already gone to the television studios of CBA and TeleCuraçao with his diplomatic passport to show that it is not true. “Sulvaran challenged Schotte yesterday to do so. “If he can prove that his diplomatic passport has not been abused, then it’s the end of the matter and I offer my apologies. But I do not think this is the case.”

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