Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

Schotte: OM wants to discredit MFK

Schotte1WILLEMSTAD -  The Public Prosecution (OM) wants to discredit the MFK. This is according to the political leader of the opposition party Gerrit Schotte.

It’s for a reason why the report on the mismanagement at the two public companies was published right before the elections. According to the former Prime Minister the civil survey was conducted for only one reason; that is to bring his party in the negative light.

The results are in stark contrast to what he tried to do for the companies. According to Schotte his intention was to save these companies because they were already a mess when the island became an autonomous country in the Kingdom on October 10, 2010.

He argues that even the President of the Committee for Financial Supervision (CFT) Age Bakker has recognized that the sound starting position on 10-10-’10 was a farce. “The people were lied to about Curaçao starting as a new country with a healthy financial position.”

“Aqualectra had a leakage of 52 percent. A company that structurally loses more than half of its production cannot be called healthy. Likewise, the directors of the company cannot be considered competent. We had to do something,” said Schotte.

With respect to the anomaly at the refinery, Schotte says, that the situation there was not better than at Aqualectra. The refinery heavily depends on the Build Own and Operate (BOO) plant in order to operate. The plant belonged to Aqualecta and it was not properly maintained. “Aqualectra did not have the funds to maintain that plant. The result was that the refinery had constant problems because BOO was often not in a position to deliver the energy that was needed to run the refinery. The community suffered because of this,” said Schotte in his response to the results of the survey.

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