Published On: Tue, Aug 14th, 2012

Schotte promises voters he will not lie to them

WILLEMSTAD Last Saturday government party MFK launched their campaign for the next elections. The speech of political leader and outgoing premier Gerrit Schotte was the main issue that evening. He promised those present and the people of Curaçao that he will not lie to them.

The MFK organized a huge party in the heart of Saliña, accompanied by performances of the bands GIO and Dreams, thus drawing a large crowd to the government party launching their campaign. Mainly youngsters had attended the party held on the premises of the

MFK party-building. In his speech, Schotte made the people of Curaçao a promise. “I will not lie to you. I will not use tricks or quote false things, as politicians had done in the past. Politicians who lie and manipulate are the most important reason why people no longer have confidence in politics.”

Schotte quoted the election slogan of his party with the last elections of 2010, Mas serka di bo (Closer to you). His second promise to the population was to stand closer to the people. “I will come close to the people to hear your needs. I have the honor to be the first premier of this country and I know what I’m talking about. Administrators shouldn’t keep a distance and isolate themselves from the people who have chosen them. But, if an administrator is close to you, he/she can hear in a humble way what the people in our community have to say and learn about their concerns and feelings.”


Remain Premier

Schotte’s final promise to his audience was that as premier he would continue to work hard and persevere in obtaining the best possible results for Curaçao. During his speech, the MFK-leader emphasized he’d gladly stay on as premier. “I have a purpose and a reason. It’s something that motivates and stimulates me. I want to show the world that Curaçao is the best country to live on. My purpose, my reason is to realize with you, you and you that all of us can live better.” According to Schotte, it’s possible to make Curaçao an example for the world, namely not to lie, to manipulate, without personal accusations and by involving everyone.

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