Published On: Mon, Oct 28th, 2013

Schotte: ‘The economy is stagnant. 2000 people have lost their jobs and the Government can’t help them’

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - The current government and especially the Minister of Economic Development apparently don’t know how to govern this country.

They are constantly traveling without dealing with the reality here in Curacao, which is that the economy is stagnant.

Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) has closed its doors. The government said that it was a private company and it is not their problem. Meanwhile 380 people have lost their jobs and the blow to the economy of the country with the loss of this airline is 50 million dollars (90 million guilders).

Now it’s Kura Hulanda’s turn and also the Venetto Casino. Minister Palm said once again that these companies are private so not the government’s problem. Once again, 100 people will lose their jobs. This without counting the major impact this will have on our economy, especially for others who do not exactly work for these companies but who indirectly makes their living from them.

How many more companies should close, how many more people show lose their jobs before this current government headed by Asjes and his associated accept their role as government?

“I’m pretty sure their comments will be that in 2014/2015 things are looking much better. Meanwhile those who lost their jobs, whom the government indicated is not their problem, have to deal with all their responsibilities, the holidays, their children’s education, etc. They have no indication which perspectives or opportunities there are for a new job,” Schotte said.

“When new businesses open, the government is always there to cut the ribbon, but when they have to close their doors, it’s the management’s problem,” Schotte said sarcastically.

This current government formed on the basis of treason and with stolen parliamentary seats is demonstrating today that not only are they capable of turning things upside down in this country but they can also destroy one of the most stabile economic pillars which is the tourism.


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