Published On: Thu, Oct 16th, 2014

Schotte: “The import of fruits and vegetables from Dominican Republic on hold”

Gerrit SchotteWILLEMSTAD – The leader of the opposition party MFK, Gerrit Schotte has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Curaçao in which he denounces the fact that the import of fruits and vegetables from the Dominican Republic is on hold, just because of one signature.

“It’s about setting a date for the Prime Minister and the President of the Dominican Republic to sign a covenant between the two countries,” Schotte said in his letter.

According to Schotte, the signing of this covenant is on hold because of the Prime Minister.

Schotte said that he took note that there are difficulties with the signing of various cooperation agreements on different topics between Curaçao and the Dominican Republic.

MKF understood that the government of the Caribbean country is ready to sign the agreement between the islands that were part of the Netherlands Antilles, including Curaçao. Schotte asks in his letter if this is true.

“Is it true that the Government is Curaçao is making it difficult for both countries to sign these agreements?” Schotte asks in his letter.

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