Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Schotte: “This government has to go!”

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - The government Asjes has to go home! This is according to the MFK leader Gerrit Schotte. According to the political leader of the opposition party, the people of Curaçao wants the current government to resign because it is unable to solve the problems of the country.

In a press release, the MFK is very critical of the cabinet Asjes. Schotte states that his party, its members, but also the MPs representing his party are approached by citizens on a daily basis who have complaints about the way the country is being governed.

The MFK denounces the fact that the country is headed by ministers who were not elected by the people, but who also have no knowledge of what the people have to go through daily. According to the opposition party, the current government goes against the first principle of democracy, namely that they should ask the people in the first place.

However, the MFK ascertains that the people have to deal with rising crime, commerce complains that citizens have no money to do some shopping, they fear that they cannot make more investments, teachers' union Sitek complaining that education on the island is dead and numerous lies that are spread by the current government.

“This nation has nothing left to do some shopping or to pay for basic things. They have to deal with lots of taxes. The MPs that support the current government and who should be the ears, mouth and nose of the people, don’t hear the suffering of the people anymore. For them it is important that they continue to sit on that chair, while the people continue to suffer pain,” Schotte said in his press release.

According to the MFK, it is time for the people to come together and give a clear message of "No Mas" (no more) to the government. This government should go home and hold elections should as soon as possible.

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