Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Staff Selikor blocks access to Landfill Malpais

WILLEMSTAD – BTG union members await letter from Minister of Public Health, Siegfried Victorina about the rollback of recruitment of supervisors and the Dutch person as head of the company’s garage. About 80 employees refused to collect garbage yesterday and they also blocked the access to Landfill Malpais.

The union chose to block access to Malpais, because the management of Selikor had sent the garbage disposal trucks there and because of the blockade, these trucks were not able to leave the landfill.

Members of the BTG are awaiting a letter from the Supervisory Board in which they indicate that the appointment of three men in the government company is reversed. That letter was promised to them on Monday by Minister Victorina.

Investigation has shown that the recruitment process of the three external men was not done in accordance with the applicable procedures. One example is that internal candidates received tough questions that were not asked to the external candidates, according to the union leaders.

The members are also awaiting a letter from the board stating that the appointment of a Dutch person as the head of the garage has not been accepted. According to the union as long as they don’t receive these two letters as proof that the wishes of the employees has been met, the actions will continue.

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