Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2013

Sulvaran: Curacao deserves a civil survey to get clarity

Glenn SulvaranWILLEMSTAD – A survey is necessary in certain public companies. Everybody must stay calm and let this civil survey finish to get some clarity on certain issues. This is according to Independent Member of Parliament, Glenn Sulvaran, in a reaction to the media when it became known that the Public Prosecutor will conduct a civil survey on Aqualectra, Curoil, Curgas and Curacao Refinery.

According to Sulvaran, the Government Accountant’s reports give sufficient motives to open an investigation and dig a little bit deeper into issues that were observed. This is the case at Curacao Refinery (RdK). We should not forget that the energy sector is related to one another, therefore if you are investigating one you should investigate the others too. Remarkably there were a few people in the Supervisory Boards of different companies and that is precisely the reason why these companies have to be investigated. It is also remarkably that only families and close relations were appointed to these boards. Because of these developments, Sulvaran has requested these members to voluntarily resign from the boards.

According to Sulvaran, Curacao deserves this kind of investigation to bring clarity on different issues during the last two years (Schotte’s government). There were flagrant violations of the good governance code. Everybody must stay calm and await the results of the civil survey.

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