Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Sulvaran: “Structure created by group of 5 or more to defame and leak documents illegally acquired since 2010 until now”

Compounding the uniqueness of the situation at hand is the fact that individual(s) were making public statement(s) related to classified information regarding the financial transactions, however, the classified information had not been made public, it was only available on a “need- to-know” basis to internal government resources. Consequently, there should be little doubt that an internal government resource(s) illegally leaked classified information.

As a part of our due diligence for this legal action, our team mined the Internet and were able to determine that the knipselkrantcuracao website was under development by a group of people prior to the aforementioned public statements being made. It is our opinion that a group of people working together to distribute illegal obtained information to impugn a given individual would constitute a conspiracy.

The knipselkrantcuracao website was the first location where the classified financial transaction information was made illegally available to non-government resources. Subsequently, the CURALEAKS.ORG domain was purchased and a website was developed that acted as another distribution point for the illegal classified information.

Furthermore, the people named as the suspected principal characters of the KKC syndication network were participants in the release, dissemination, and use of illegally obtained information. Additionally, these people have gained considerably from their actions and will continue to gain until an investigation into their illegal activities described here is executed.

It does not take much imagination to understand the goal of these websites; their explicit goal was defamation of character to such a degree that the ability of the target person to recover would be impossible. Moreover, it would lay the groundwork for polarizing the public sentiment so that it would be highly favorable for a legal action to take place. Interestingly, the time period between first disclosures of the illegal classified information to the initiation of the legal action was just six months.

It would seem that the strategy for the conspiracy was to disclose sufficient information to news agency personnel so that they would be in a position to maximize the penetration of the information into the public. They would then raise public awareness through a website that they could leverage the brand equity of Wikileaks to provide direct access to the illegal classified information. They would initiate a legal action that would receive considerable media coverage so as to burn the image of the defendants in a courtroom and forever casting doubt about their character. Lastly, this is a no lose situation for the conspirators, if they win, they will never have to deal with him again, if they lose, the imaginary will take years to dull in the public’s mind.


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