Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Surgeries at hospital halted

Sint Elizabeth HospitalWILLEMSTAD - Planned surgeries have been halted at the Sint Elizabeth hospital (Sehos). Due to a shortage of funds, the costs cannot be covered. The management of the hospital indicated that they are in talks with the Minister of Public Health Siegfried Victorina to look for a solution.

The hospital did not indicate how big the money shortage is, but they had to postpone the planned surgeries as a precaution. The Minister said that it's the hospital’s fault that they are in this situation. “Sehos is responsible for giving good health care. Now they say that they lack funds to do this. But it’s their own fault that the situation has escalated to this,” said the Minister in an interview.

The hospital will only perform urgent surgeries. This is because of the lack of personnel and qualified equipment.

According to Victorina the hospital has more than 7 million guilders out that that needs to be collected. “They are responsible for their financial management. I believe that they need to do their utmost to collect the money out there,” said the Minister.

The Minister said that he contacted the hospital. They indicated that they have a shortage of equipment. “I asked them to give me a list of the things they need and this week I will react to that. But I believe that they need to be more alert and don’t let the situation escalate like this.”

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