Published On: Mon, Oct 24th, 2016

Suvécu and government meet to discuss imports vegetables

fruits_vegetablesWILLEMSTAD - The association of supermarkets in Curacao, Suvecu, met recently with the government on the fruit and vegetable shortage caused by Venezuela. The boats of the floating market in Punda were not allowed to bring these products to the island.

“For some time now, the floating market had no fruits and vegetables due to a ban by Venezuela,” said the director of customs, Jules Ilario. Suveco-chairman Joel da Silva Gois claims that the association, together with the government, is looking for a solution to the resulting problem. This means possible imports from either Colombia or the Dominican Republic.

The effects of the export ban are being felt on the island. Various restaurants have a shortage of ingredients such as limes. For example, the famous Curaçao aw'i lamunchi or mojito is therefore not available for the customers.

The Venezuelan Consulate General did announce last week that the ban has been lifted and that soon the South American neighbors will continue to export fruits and vegetables to the islands.

There are experts in Curaçao who say that it is necessary to continue looking for other places to get these products from since there is no guarantee that Venezuela would not do this again.

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