Published On: Fri, May 3rd, 2013

SVB admits: Basic Health Insurance is a mess

Philip MartisWILLEMSTAD –The Basic Health Insurance is a huge mess. It has to be fixed in many ways for it to become a “responsible law”. This is what the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) Director, Mr. Philip Martis, stated during a radio interview. Martis had to admit that there are different aspects of the law which have to be fixed.

One of them e.g. is the fact that a pensioner older than 65 is not insured if the travel abroad. Private insurance companies are also not giving travel insurance since the risk is too high. This issue will be taken into consideration. The current situation means that all those 65 and older have to travel on their own risk at the moment.

Another situation was about a pregnant woman. The insurance company of this woman informed her that when the baby is born she has to go to SVB. SVB told this woman that she has to go to her private insurance company. This is how they send the woman from one place to another without any result. The baby was born and she wasn’t insured.

These are just a few issues causing more confusion. In some interest groups in the community there is even talk about proposing a completely new law.

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