Published On: Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014

Tax Services meets under office hours

TaxWILLEMSTAD – Patience! That’s what you need to have if you are planning on going to the Tax Services at Regentesselaan (Emmastad) this morning. Various departments are meeting with their union during office hours.

Reason for the meeting is that the employees are fed up with the government. They have been waiting for six years now on a compensation for extra work they have done. The government now wants to eliminate this compensation because of the financial situation of the country. This decision is part of the austerity measures taken by the government.

Currently there is a shortage of staff. To add more to the problem, there are many civil servants who have or will retire and they will not be replaced. This will add more to the workload.

The union hopes that through this action they will get the government’s attention to resolve the situation.

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