Published On: Tue, Sep 27th, 2016

Thank you for supporting DEBATE 2016, a political debate proudly organized by CIFA

Dear members of the press,

Thank you for supporting DEBATE 2016, a political debate proudly organized by CIFA. The coverage by the press – before, during and after the debate – was fundamental to the success of the event. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we received from many individuals and organizations who saw the importance of the event and immediately committed to making it happen.

CIFA organized the political debate with the aim to educate our community as well as contribute to the democratic process. In doing so, CIFA was assisted by Debates International, an informal association of new and longstanding debate groups that is affiliated with the prestigious Commission on Presidential Debates. Both parties collaborated in designing the format and coordinating the logistics to preserve the integrity and independence of the debate and to create an unbiased platform for all the political parties.

We are very proud to announce that Debates International will add Curaçao to the list of countries that make a major effort to organize objective political debates adhering to international standards. They also mentioned Curaçao and DEBATE 2016 on their website under 'international events' (

The exemplary participation of our leaders helped to positively place Curaçao on the international map. This contributes positively to our image and business climate. Our country is featured on a website that is visited by millions of people.

CIFA is proud that it is part of the Curaçao community and is pleased with this new development. CIFA is keenly aware of its social responsibility and therefore we have committed to contributing to the development of our community in addition to creating job opportunities and paying our taxes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the press, and you as a member in particular, for your contribution and we hope that we are able to count on you in the future. A special thanks goes to First Aid, Red Cross, Toastmasters and LBD for their assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Anuschka Cova

President of CIFA, on behalf of the CIFA board

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