Published On: Wed, Oct 4th, 2017

The carrot-and-stick policy

Oil RefineryWILLEMSTAD - It is evidently a carrot on a stick, which induces the government of Curaçao to offer its entire economy on a silver platter to a state-owned Chinese corporation.

Curaçao is at this moment governed by this policy of a carrot on a stick which is dangled before its nose. And Curaçao puts the cart before the horse and squanders away its logistic position on the maritime highway to the Panama Canal, as well as its splendid natural resources, being its two deep seaports.  Within a time span of two weeks, several so-called co-operative agreements were signed by the Chinese with various crucial government-owned companies of Curaçao, among which even Aqualectra, the utility company which supplies electricity and water, Selikor for garbage collection, CPA, operator of the seaports, etc.etc. Energy supply is the lifeline of every community, as has become painfully apparent in Puerto Rico after the hurricane. The entire society there has been paralyzed due to the lack of energy supply, particularly electricity, which is the lifeline of every community large or small.

And in this way, the Chinese are taking over the entire economy of Curaçao even before they have invested a dime in the modernization of the refinery or the construction of a new refinery, let alone provide for the promised creation of employment opportunity since not a single job was yet created by them. This offering of the complete economy and natural resources takes place on the mere promise (the carrot) of future economic growth and prosperity. How gullible can one get? And how naïve?
By this governmental policy, the Chinese will determine in the future the rate per KWH of the end-users of Aqualectra, stated on our monthly invoices. Why on God’s green earth should a government create a relationship of utter dependency on a foreign entity, whereas there exists no need for such an injurious relationship?

By Marguérite Nahar 

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