Published On: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

The new EBOOG bill proposal

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – Besides the Illegal-Waste Act, the Island Ordinance Promoting Public Order and Security in the Community (EBOOBG), also contains dozen other laws. According to Tico Rider of the police force, the ordinance also includes advertizing along public roads. “All along the Schottegat ring road, there are billboards. This is actually not allowed. Also, selling newspapers along the road is not permitted, but in recent years they were all tolerated because we couldn’t impose fines.”

Other laws within the EBOOBG are prostitution, illegal discharge of feces, noise, animal, political propaganda and copper trade. “Especially copper trade has become a major problem,” the legal councilor of the Ministry of Justice, Jose Silie said. “Copper is very significant for receivers and the stealing of electricity cables happen more often.” When cables are stolen, the electricity goes out for hours in a neighborhood. Often the utility company Aqualectra can resolve this until the next morning.

The EBOOBG Act falls under the Ministry of Justice, General Affairs, Transportation & Spatial Planning and Health, Environment and Nature. The law was rewritten, completed and adapted in consultation with the four ministries. “The first step has been taken and the proposal will be offered to Parliament in late April or early May. After this, the law must be reviewed and approved by all ministries after which it will go to the Governor. “Within a half year we can start imposing sanctions again,” Sillie said.

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