Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2013

Top management SOAW wants closure difficult episode

Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – ABVO trade union officials hopes to get clarity on the position of the top management of the Ministry of Social Development, Labour and Welfare (SOAW) before the end of the year. Next week, there must be two lawsuits against the government (Minister of SOAW) which have been filed by members of the senior management.

The union has recently sent a letter to the current Minister of SOAW, Jeanne-Marie Francisca (PS), with the request to admit the management team, which was sent home, to their workplace. If the Minister does not respond then the union feels compelled to file a lawsuit. SOAW has denied the management team access to its premises in May of this year.

Former Minister of SOAW, Sherwin Josepha (PS), spoke at the time of a political boycott and announced a thorough investigation into the possible motives of the top management to ignore his instructions. This investigation never came, but there was a review from the public accounting firm SOAB to see if the departments and sectors within the Ministry of SOAW are in compliance with laws and regulations. This report was recently presented to Minister Francisca.

The report makes no mention of allegations of serious dereliction of duty and making themselves guilty of integrity and sensitive issues. The report shows that the absence of policy has been the biggest bottleneck in the ministry.

There are also a number of recommendations made to the Minister, including the approval of the annual reports for 2013 that have already been submitted by the directors.

According to ABVO board member Kenneth Bremer, the management team must wait until there is some clarity in the matter. There must be a solution before the end of the year, according to him.

The case of Arthur Herrera, former interim Secretary General of SOAW will be next week Tuesday. In his case it's all about his appointment that has never been formalized.

On Wednesday December 11, Sector Director Donna Philbert will appear before the LAR court to defend her case. She was put aside by former Minister Josepha since she was made available to the department of labor. Her case has been postponed twice by the lawyer of the Minister.

The conflict between former Minister Josepha and top management reached its apex after the management team had sent a letter sent to the Prime Minister behind the Minister’s back. In this letter, the management indicated to the Prime Minister that the department of permits was not functioning because the Minister is boycotting the appointment of four employees. The Minister of SOAW did not appreciate this action taken by the management.

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