Published On: Tue, Oct 15th, 2013

Tromp: ‘Constructive cooperation offers additional benefits in the Kingdom’

“Our island economy does not even reach 1% of the Dutch economy”

Emsley TrompWILLEMSTAD – “What has become very clear during the recent visit of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, is that we have to move towards a common strategic direction,” this is according to the President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp.

“We have dealt with each other in a systematic approach,” Tromp said during the opening of the Pro Innovation Foundation Conference (PIN). Dr. Tromp is in favor of an innovative way of thinking directed towards constructive cooperation since it will offer additional benefits for all parts of the Kingdom. Erroneously there are many who think that the Netherlands is a static nation. During the last 20 years, the Netherlands has changed drastically. “We have to tie ourselves more to the rapidly changing Netherlands instead of rebelling against it. We have to reestablish ourselves as a country sure of itself looking forward and not hiding behind ‘cultural walls’. If there are problems, we should resist it, but try to understand it and resolve it,” according to Tromp.

“We can be equal partners but the Netherlands has a long tradition of parliamentary democracy and is a prosperous nation. The population in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom together represent not even 2% of the Dutch population , while the islands’ economy do not even reach 1% of their Gross National Product. This asymmetric reality has cultivated cultural incomprehensiveness and requires time and patience to process.”

This means, according to the Central Bank Director, those micro states like Curacao and Sint Maarten should do everything possible to maintain all the necessary institutions for a successful parliamentary democracy. Curacao has a longer tradition but this island is still struggling to combine Federal and Insular departments together (Federal means the former Netherlands Antilles and Insular means the former Island Territory of Curacao). Also, the line between civil servants on the islands is shorter compared to the Netherlands which makes it difficult to compare norms. But we still have to be careful when we reach the limits. According to Tromp, we could pay dearly for this.


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