Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

Ultimatum for the Prime Minister

Prime MinisterWILLEMSTAD - The two unions representing the refinery workers, APRI and PWFC, have issued an ultimatum to Prime Minister Ivar Asjes. The unions are demanding a representative on the committee that will negotiate with the Venezuelan Oil Company PdVSA on the future of the Isla refinery after the contract expires in 2019. Asjes has until this afternoon 18.00 the time to respond. On August 22, the Parliament unanimously approved the modernization of the refinery.

During this meeting, Parliament decided to install a committee with representatives from all Ministries which will negotiate with PDVSA. Three to four weeks ago, the unions had a conversation with Asjes in which they have also indicated that they want a representative in committee since it is important to take into account the employees. “Asjes indicated to us that we have to present our candidate in a letter and that the Council of Minister will then discuss the union’s proposal,” according to Cornelius Bouis, leader of the union APRI. Last Friday, however, the unions received a call from the Prime Minister indicating that the Council of Ministers did not approve their proposal. According to Bousi, Asjes’ argument was that if they allow the unions to have a representative on the negotiating committee, they would have to let others do the same.

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