Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2017

Unions threaten to shut down operations at oil refinery

KANDELA RIBA SCHOTTEGATWEG WESTWILLEMSTAD - “Operations at the Isla refinery has to be shut down today!” That is according to Angelo Meyer, President of the oil refinery union PWFC last night at a press conference of the Solidaridat Sindikal (union solidarity).

“The intention is not to run the refinery at full power and thus reduce production. With the action, the pressure on the government is stepped up to meet our demands,” said Meyer. Chairman Johnsel Djaoen of union CBV for nurses explained at the press conference that the actions at the SEHOS hospital and the healthcare institutions will be intensified today.

Solidaridat Sindikal is entering its third day of action today, the unions and the members met at 7 am at the BTG building. There, the union leaders will explain what the actions of plan D are about. According to chairman Meyer of PWFC, actions at the refinery can cause problems to supply petrol and gas to the consumer. Earlier, director Yamil Lasten of Curoil stated that, despite actions, the oil company is able to guarantee the supply of petrol and gas for a period of three months.

Spokesman Errol Cova of Solidaridat Sindikal stated last night that it was regrettable that the government did not go into the content and the solution of the unions’ demands during their press conference yesterday. The spokesperson also rejects the insinuations that the unions are behind the incidents that occurred yesterday. Cova stated that if the demonstrators do not adhere to the law, they will be dealt with accordingly.

The actions will continue until the three issues for the unions are off the table, the unions emphasized.

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