Published On: Fri, Aug 15th, 2014

Van Raak: “Someone has to deal with Marvelyne Wiels”

Ronald van RaakTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - "Go get your rope." With these words Marvelyne Wiels threatened her brother Aubert Wiels on Saturday. Marvelyne is the main representative of Curaçao in the Netherlands, Aubert was once member of her party, the Pueblo Soberano (Independent People). He left the party after the murder of their brother Helmin Wiels, against whose killers last week an impressive trial was conducted in Willemstad

Marvelyne Wiels is constantly commiting the most incomprehensible shenanigans: she falsified her resume, intimidated employees and threatened journalists. Saturday, during a speech at the party building of Pueblo Soberano, the minister again showed her antics, now facing her own brother.

"There are people who lie, they are just carcasses, they have horns, they are sick people, there are no medications for them, to do crazy things ... You know I know a lot more than that, therefore you need to live in the darkness.

You must live in the shadows ... I tell you, I am more woman than a woman, I am more woman than you are a man, and I'm more woman than a woman you can get.

Therefore, you must continue to crawl, soon your car will break and we will see who is going help you ... You do what you want, one thing I know Kooyman is open tomorrow morning at seven o'clock, go get your rope.”

(Translated from Papiamento, "Kooyman is a kind of do-it-yourself shop in Curacao.)

I am a politician in the Netherlands, I'm not about politics in Curaçao. Certainly not in the party Pueblo Soberano and certainly not within the Wiels family.

But I do have concerns about the relations within the Kingdom. Marvelyne Wiels is a member of the Kingdom Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Rutte. As minister plenipotentiary she is also the main representative of Curaçao in the Netherlands. In this position she must mediate between our countries and try to prevent problems. Friend and foe will agree that Marvelyne Wiels is not the right person for this job.

Prime Minister Rutte, the president of the Kingdom Council of Ministers, is not doing anything to get rid of Marvelyne Wiels and also prime Asjes of Curacao is supporting and protecting her.

When I asked why people in Curacao why, I get always the same story: after the murder Helmin Wiels Marvelyne Wiels helped Asjes become Prime Minister in exchange for the position of minister plenipotentiary.

Another story is that the coalition parties want to keep the government in power at all costs, because they are afraid that Gerrit Schotte will come to power again, the former prime minister who is suspected of ties to the Mafia.

There are always lots of stories in Curaçao, you never know what exactly to believe. But what I do know is that it cannot continue like this with Marvelyne Wiels. Her actions are bringing the political relations in trouble.

Prime Minister Rutte or Kingdom Minister Plasterk, someone will even have to have a good conversation with her. Premier Asjes Curacao or Alex Rosaria of the coalition party PAIS, somebody is going to have to deal with her soon.

I am also quite willing to have a cup of tea to drink, but doubt whether this will bring the good relationships much closer.

Ronald van Raak

Dutch MP

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