Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

Vandals are on the loose

WILLEMSTAD -  A Frente Sivil (Civil Front) activist has caught some young man destroying their banners. According to the organization’s president, Ruben Suriel, the perpetrators admitted that they were paid to vandalize these banners. These vandals were wearing political party MFK’s t-shirts.

“Above all, we regret that young people are being used, and paid to do damage to others properties”, according to Suriel. "We call on the people who do this kind of thing, to stop, and certainly not to abuse the needs of our youth."

The children according Suriel were wrong. "But contemptible adults with financial resources are leading young people on the wrong path and help stimulate this kind of bad behavior," says Suriel. Frente Sivil calls for these acts to stop, especially now that violence is becoming part of the political arena. “This is not Curacao, and it will never be. Let our civil and democratic values rescue our country”, Suriel concludes.

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