Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

VBC: Total coup by Schotte and Asjes

WILLEMSTAD The board of the Association Business Community Curaçao (VBC) wrote in a press report that Chairman of the Parliament Ivar Asjes (PS) and Premier Gerrit Schotte (MFK) are attempting a seizure of power. The VBC believe ‘the attempts of the Chairman of the Parliament and the Minister-President to silence or render the Parliament powerless should be considered undemocratic’.

“The VBC notes with amazement and concern that the rules of a democratic constitution are not observed on Curaçao for two weeks now. Important occurrences, such as the collapse of the government and the instruction from the Kingdom government apparently aren’t important enough to discuss such in the highest organ of the country, namely the Parliament. For now, the Chairman of the Parliament and the Minister-President are making this impossible, arguing that a discussion in the Parliament and/or adopting a vote of no-confidence is pointless because the government decides whether motions are carried out. Moreover, the Chairman of the Parliament considers the actions of the opposition parties undemocratic”, said the VBC. “Scratching each other’s back, apparently with the aim to render the Parliament powerless, contravenes all rules of a democratic constitution. It rather seems those in question are attempting a seizure of power.”

The VBC warns Curaçao is facing several serious problems that ‘must be tackled and solved very quickly’. For instance, the budgetary deficit; the balance of payments vicissitudes; discrediting and paralyzing the Central bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) and the Intelligence Service Curaçao (VDC); the meager structural economic growth, and the defaults in the social insurance system. The organization hammers at trust, joint efforts and approach to solve the problems. “Ruling out the democracy is not the solution. On the contrary: a culture of intimidation and fear only leads to distrust, arbitrariness and nepotism, not to a transparent, constructive and inspiring living and investment climate. Bona fide investors will consequently halt their activities and avoid Curaçao. Hardworking and law-observing citizens will think more and more about emigrating.”


The VBC urges the Chairman of the Parliament and the Minister-President to ‘restore the democratic processes. “If they persist in their incorrect and for Curaçao disastrous approach, there’s only on alternative – no matter how ashamed – namely enforce article 43 of the Charter. The Kingdom must fulfill their obligations and guarantee aforementioned rights without further delay. In that case, the current Chairman of the Parliament and the Minister-President are to be blamed entirely for the humiliation and subsequently the surrendering of the autonomy.”


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