Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

VVRP: Areas at risk of flooding

floodWILLEMSTAD – The Ministry of Public Works advises all those residents that live or has businesses in areas that are at risk of flooding, to take all possible measures to safeguard their property. One of the measures that the residents could take is to place sandbags in front of the doors of their houses or businesses. It is also advised to find another place to stay. Maybe at a family’s house or in one of the shelters.

The government is taking all measures possible to alleviate the effects of the storm, but the island has its areas that are vulnerable to floods. The government cannot do much in the short term.

These areas are:

West Groot Sint Joris
Ronde Klip (near Hofi Kow and Hofi Barbolina)
Groot Davelaar
Mahuma, from Hegirastraat till Kaya Gungu Maal
Steenen Koraal
Monte Carmelo
Juliana Plein and surroundings (Punda)
Souax, near the dam in Souax
Tera Cora, dam behind SVB building
Asencion, behind the Kooperativo building
San Juan, bear San Juan Center
Pannekoek, behind the Pannekoek plantation
Rio Magdalena, near Hofi Hooi
Klein Sta. Martha, near Helfrieddorp
Dokterstuin, near the Justina family’s home
Cabaje, near the Victor snack bar
Flip, near the Juliana family
Lelienberg, near the Sommer family’s house
Wacawa, near the Victor family
Westpunt, near the Janchi Christiaan Restaurant
Zorgvliet, near the broken dam

Those who live of have business in the vicinity of Beurs, Goetoeweg, Versuviusweg, Penstraat, Oranjestraat, Julianaplein, Pietermaai, Kaya Jongewacht, Concordiastraat, Punda, Kanga/Dein and Stenen Koraal are at risk of flood.

The Ministry of Public Works continues to clean the drainage system, especially in these areas.

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