Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2012

Wiels’ followers worried with change of direction

WILLEMSTAD – In an interview with the morning newspaper Extra, a follower of Helmin Wiels,who did not want to divulgate his name, said that he is worried about the direction Helmin Wiels is going. The person indicated that he will wait to see how everything will unfold before revealing his identity.

“I hope that Wiels has not promoted something that he’s not. Someone cannot change principles and the signs we get at this moment is a 180 degrees change of direction. The people have voted and the only conclusion one can make from the results is that the former coalition has to return. To form another coalition is practically impossible, because it is clear that other parties will not work with the former coalition partners.”

“If the strategy is to force MFK to work with other parties and hope that Pueblo Soberano will get the majority in next elections is erroneous thinking. The result could be totally different and I hope that this is not the strategy that Wiels has in mind.”

The observer also said that he feels something peculiar is going on, it feels as if someone or a group is giving advice to Wiels and the party is not aware of it. The change in his position towards the Governor and the way he’s profiling himself now which is not at all what he was doing the campaign and this is worrisome to the observer.

“Why does he have to attack Schotte so much? Schotte, in fact, had to put up with a lot of attacks during the campaign but has come out victorious in the polls. If Wiels has certain information which could hang Schotte, then he must share this information and be done with it. This community needs tranquility”, the observer stated.

This “follower” urges the leader of Pueblo Soberano, Helmin Wiels to analyze his action and position and to break this impasse, because there is no other alternative to forming a government with the same partners as was the case with the former coalition.

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