Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Wiels hangs up during radio interview

WILLEMSTAD - The rumors that PS-leader Helmin Wiels would have called his followers to go to the streets, dared Wiels not repeat through the microphones of Radio Hoyer 2. "We shall see, even you'll see," said Wiels to radio host Rick Hart and then hang up.

"The governor puts himself in a bad position." Says Wiels following the appointment of Eduardo 'Dito' Mendes de Gouveia as formateur of an interim government. "The governor is moving politically against his own country by decree for an interim government, abolition of the Parliament and the proclamation of elections," said Wiels.

Majority or not does not matter according Wiels, because the new majority of Parliament do not follow the rules. Wiels calls formateur Mendes de Gouveia a known crook.

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