Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

Wiels: I wanted to show the world what PAR really was

WILLEMSTAD – “The PAR disqualified itself”, said PS-leader Helmin Wiels, referring to the collapse of the negotiations with the PAR to join the current coalition. According to the PAR, this was because the parties PS, PAIS, PNP and independent member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran don’t wish to govern with the yellow party. The political leaders of the coalition parties met several times last week with PAR president Zita Jesus-Leito. According to her, during the last meeting on Friday the parties concluded there is no longer any possibility for the PAR to join the upcoming transitional Government. “The PAR and the community had expected a different outcome. We did our utmost but these parties don’t wish the PAR in the government”, said Jesus-Leito.

Wiels disagrees entirely with the version given by the PAR president. “It is not true that the parties decided to continue without the PAR. This party disqualified itself; it gave no indication whatsoever on being interested in working together. The PAR doesn’t advocate peace and rest in the community, and has rejected our extended hand.” The PS-leader said he wasn’t surprised by the PAR’s preposition. “I knew this was going to happen. This party entertains feelings of revenge. The public interest is not important for the PAR but its urge for power and revenge. That’s why I never wanted to work together with the PAR.”

Negotiators were rude
The PS-leader wasn’t actively involved with the negotiations because it was agreed that all parties would appoint a negotiating team, while the political leaders would only be involved with strategic and political decisions. However, Wiels said his negotiators kept him informed on the progress of the formation process. “The negotiators from the PAR were rude. They gave others a hard time and used delay tactics with the mere purpose to delay and torpedo the process. From the very beginning I expressed my objections on approaching the PAR, but informateur Glenn Camelia wanted to consult with all parties. I will not interfere considering he’s the authorized person.”

And yet, attempts were made to have the PAR join the current parties – although I knew better – Wiels concluded. “After the parties signed the declaration of intent, the brothers Glenn and Merill “Lilo’ Sulvaran asked me to approach the PAR again. I warned them but now they realize too that the PAR doesn’t want to be in the government. The island is divided since 2005. We must take decisions on the future of this island. The Statute Laws impede the development the island. We must breathe new life into the offshore and industrial sector. For this we need rest in the society but apparently the PAR disagrees.”

Power vacuum
Wiels could not answer the question whether this was the last possibility for the PAR to join the political cabinet (that is, after the transition-cabinet). “There is a question of a power vacuum in that party. There are several fractions. The PAR should undergo a purging process. Two things could happen, namely the party ceases to exist like the DP, or a new group with new ideas assumes power.” According to Wiels, as long as this battle is not decided, PAR’s participation with any government will imply a risk.

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