Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

Wiels: If MFK wants to be part of the government, it will get what’s left

WILLEMSTAD – According to Pueblo Soberano (PS) leader, Helmin Wiels, MFK could join the government but under strict conditions that the party will accept what’s left after the current negotiations.

According to the PS leader, he received a call last Friday from a MFK committee stating that the party is available form a government with PS. This they did after announcing their unwillingness to work with PS.

Wiels says that they are already negotiating with PAIS which gained 4 seats after last election. Together with the MAN they already have enough seats to form a majority in parliament. Wiels reiterates his commitment with PAIS with which he’s already negotiating.

“Whatever is left after the negotiations, MFK can get. I don’t think this will be very beneficial for them”, according to Wiels.

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