Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2012

Wiels: Transitional Government has to take care of corruption

WILLEMSTAD – The Transitional Government will have a tough six months. One of the issues they have to work on is the anti-corruption law for government officials, this is what Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels declared during the signing of the Government agreement between the three parties and the independent member of parliament.

The Government agreement covers a period of four years of which the first six months will be taken care of by the transitional Government. They will have specific assignments to deal with. These assignments include the public finances, like basic insurance and also the retirement funds. If these two are not taken care of they will continue to absorb from the government’s budget.

In the first months, education will have priority. The level has to be raised. Every young man and woman must have the opportunity to participate.

Public health must also be tackled. There are a few urgent measures which must be taken to ensure a good health care for everyone.

On economy, there are already a few projects ready to give impulse to the financial sector (Off Shore) and the export industry. The private and public sector must unite in a development coalition. Wiels also proposes a 2% contribution from the private sector and a 3 to 4 % from the public sector to help with social responsibility and development.

The assignments given to the transitional Government are tough, they will have to work on an anti corruption law, introduce an office for budget responsibilities to control government spending but also work on the major contracts which are currently pending. They have to control that everything goes according to the law.

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