Published On: Tue, Sep 25th, 2012

Aircraft registration: new Aruban economic pillar?

ORANJESTAD - Last Thursday, Aruba was host to the kick off of the 2nd Annual Offshore Aircraft Registration Confe­rence at the prestigious Renaissance Convention Center.

At the conference, the Minister of Tourism indicated that Aruba must seriously consider outsourcing certain tasks if we are intent on capitalizing on the registration of aircrafts on Aruba.
The government of Aruba recognizes the high level of expertise of our Department of Civil Aviation, and is convinced that they are doing a superb job of control and vi­gilance, but that they must expand and integrate other components of added value, such as the quality and speed of various services.
In this context they have decided that they must outsource the aspect of inspection of aircraft registered here. Inspection, they are convinced must take place under the strict supervision of our own inspectors, as well as from the Department of Civil Aviation.
The government is also convinced that we must change our mentality regar­ding aircraft registration, or else others will pass us by. Aruba must ensure that we have the highest quality and speed of service while safeguarding the security aspect.
One of Aruba’s goals is to capitalize on the aircraft registration market. Aircraft registration is important to Aruba; it is important revenue for our economy. Not only does it create additional funds for the government and more know­ledge in the field of civil aviation, but it also has an important spin off in the Aruban economy.
According to Minister Oduber, this conference is designed to open the eyes of all parties that the registration of aircrafts can become a new economic pillar for Aruba in the future.

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