Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015

Aruba tops 2015 digital marketing index and social media rankings

ArubaORANJESTAD, Aruba -- In addition to being one of the most popular islands to visit in the Caribbean, Aruba ranks the most popular digital destination in the region -- according to Caribbean & Co., an expert source on Caribbean lifestyle and luxury brands.

Caribbean & Co. reports the One Happy Island of Aruba ranks number one of 35 Caribbean islands for overall "destination marketing index 2015" and number one of ten Caribbean islands for Instagram reach, boasting 23,000 followers, double its runner up. The marketing index ranking was derived by a proprietary weighting of various data, including social media followings, website inbound links, third party rankings and more.

"Caribbean destinations like most throughout the globe spend millions each year to attract new and returning tourists to the region. Many of the marketing campaigns are via traditional television and print media, but we are starting to see more marketing activity online," reported Ursula Barzey, founder of Caribbean & Co.

The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), who welcomed a record 1.07 million annual stay-over visitors to Aruba in 2014, attributes much of the island's success to digital marketing.

"Our commitment to strategic and savvy digital marketing directly impacts Aruba's GDP, which is more reliant on travel and tourism than any other nation, relative to size, in the world," said Ronella Tjin-Asjoe Croes, CEO of ATA. "Aruba's target audience visits more than 20 websites before booking their vacation, so it is essential for us to maintain a presence throughout that process with a timely, persuasive message at each stage. By engaging the best strategists and leveraging targeted technologies, we can ensure our marketing dollars are spent effectively against desired consumers in-market for vacation travel."

Solidifying its positioning as the most digitally innovative, the ATA recently launched The Happiness Builder -- a content-rich planning experience where travelers can explore nearly 100 videos featuring adventure, relaxation, romance and cultural activities in Aruba, before creating a personalized "Shortcut to Happiness" video that can be easily shared socially.

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