Published On: Tue, Mar 29th, 2016

Catholic college in the Dominican Republic bans gay US ambassador

signs-banning-gay-amassadorSANTO DOMINGO – A Catholic college in the Dominican Republic has erected a sign banning the United States Ambassador to that country, James Brewster, from entering the campus.

The banner across the front of the College of St John the Baptist says: “The entrance of the US Ambassador of the United States is not permitted in this institute.”

The signs have already been defaced.

The Catholic Bishops of the Dominican Republic recently sent a strong letter condemning the behaviour of the openly gay US Ambassador, who they accuse of using his post to promote his lifestyle and the homosexual agenda.

The bishops used a phrase in their letter that was first coined by Pope Francis at the UN in September, calling what they referred to as Brewster’s pro-homosexual work in the country “ideological colonization.”

The ambassador, who is often accompanied by his husband Bob Satawake, is charged by the Bishops with not only pushing the homosexual agenda on the largely Catholic country but disparaging Dominican customs and violating the country’s constitution and international law.

The bishops also accuse him of “parading Mr Bob Satawake as his husband,” causing “great distress among parents, who have the right to determine how their children will be educated and feel that these visits are an imposition of values contrary to what they are trying to instil in their children.”
Besides his ambassadorial role in the Dominican Republic, Brewster is also a gay activist serving as National LGBT Co-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, along with serving as director of the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign, Breitbart reports.

Brewster was appointed US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic in 2013. The country’s cardinal called him a “faggot” at a press conference denouncing the appointment.

The highest representative of the Roman Catholic Church in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean nation has continued to use offensive rhetoric against Brewster, prompting Senator Dick Durbin to write to Pope Francis in protest last December.

The cardinal has referred to the ambassador as a “wife, since he’s married to a man” and has suggested that he “should go back home to take care of housework.”

The latest development began after pictures appeared on social media earlier this month of the Ambassador visiting a school accompanied by his husband.

The Dominican Council of Evangelic Unity went on to launch a petition on the White House’s website calling for Brewster’s removal. It collected more than 30,000 signatures in a single week.

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