Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2013

Chavez cannot return to preside Venezuela according to the newspaper ABC

CARACAS  - Venezuela's President cannot return to the presidency and is voiceless, bedridden and very depressed, as published by the Spanish newspaper ABC.

The newspaper, which cites that its sources “are in contact with the medical team,” but does not specify who it is, ensures that doctors who care for Hugo Chavez in Havana "have notified the family of the president, Castro brothers and Chavez group that the patient is no longer able to return to exercise the presidency of Venezuela. "

The Spanish newspaper, which published this news on its front page today also said that Chavez "has completely lost his voice as a result of medical treatment receivedand that is unlikely to be able to recover the voice and adds that, “he’s is unable to move from bed,” and is ”very depressed”.

The newspaper ABC, conservative line, also notes that the government of Chavez announced "in the coming days" that the president "is unable to resume his duties" and that this has already been transferred to "members of the Supreme Court," which allowed to delay the inauguration of President due to health reasons.

The last public appearance from Chavez was on December 8, 2012, when he appeared in Caracas to announce that he would be subjected to a fourth operation in Havana. Before leaving the country he delegated power to the vice president Nicolás Maduro. He then had surgery three days later and suffered serious complications from a respiratory infection.

The newspaper ABC said that medical communication “should lead to the declaration of incapacity or absence of the president” and that the notice given to the Supreme Court indicated that this body, "is also prepared to endorse the new step."

The country has experienced several months of uncertainty in the absence of their leader. Yesterday, the government decided to devalue its currency to ease the economic crisis.

Finally, the article says that although Chavez has concluded its postoperative, the president has not been able to enjoy the restoration that would involve the removal of cancer cells. "The symptoms of cancer progression have clearly manifested again," they add.

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