Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Colombia, the fastest growing country brand value in Latin America

colombian_flagBOGOTA - Colombia was the country brand in Latin America that had higher growth in its value compared to 2013, says the annual report of the consultancy Brand Finance, a company specializing in valuation and brand strategy firm worldwide, measuring the value of the country brand based on GDP Goods and Services, Tourism, Talent and Investment of a nation.

According to the report, the brand value of Colombia grew by 32%, from $120 billion dollars in 2013 to 159,000,000,000 dollars in 2014; it ranked 7th out of 10 in list of the fastest growing country brands that grew in relation to last year and the only country in Latin American included, the list is headed by Qatar, which has the fastest growing country brand worldwide.

The rapid growth of Colombia’s brand value, says the report, "was thanks in part to a well planned and executed strategy of country brand: 'The answer is Colombia", launched two years ago (...) Campaign more fresh, contemporary design that focuses on the letters 'CO' (ISO country code used in web addresses) and is a nod to the digital age. But more important than design, however the holistic approach, since all the strengths of Colombia are displayed as part of the campaign. "

The report also states that Colombia is among the few countries that focused its strategy to promote national brand and highlighted the positive developments in different areas such as talent, goods and services, tourism, investment, environment, culture, sports, technology and innovation. It also adds: "Colombia has also developed its own certification system for products appellation. Such plans have proven incredibly useful marketing tools to promote a country brand. "

In the world ranking of the country brand higher value, Colombia moved up two positions from position 47 to 45. The list is headed by the US brand that has a value of 19.300 billion, more than triple of the second in the list, China, with 6,400 billion, followed by Germany with 4,300. The last one is also highlighted in the report as the strongest in the world.

"This rapid growth in Colombia’s brand value is a reflection of the good moment that the country is facing in economic, sporting and cultural - says Maria Claudia Lacouture, president of PROCOLOMBIA. - The work done from the promotion agency, is none other than to convert these facts into effective communication strategies that become what the world needs today, hence the effectiveness of  Colombia is the Answer ".

The country brand for Colombia was launched in September 2012 as a promotional strategy to improve Colombia's image internationally, and in just two years has been referenced in Latin America by several reports, among these the Country Brand Index Latin America 2013- as the emerging brand with greater acceptance.

Currently the country brand is handled by PROCOLOMBIA to enhance its international reach and leverage the main asset that the country has like its name.

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