Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Cuba to employ thermal extraction method to increase oil production

extraccion-petroleoMAYABEQUE, Cuba - The Boca de Jaruco Oil Company in Cuba has begun employing a thermal extraction method in its fields, in order to facilitate and increase oil production.

This method, never used before in Cuba, has been in use from late December 2014, conducted by specialists from Russia, China and Cuba.

As explained by extraction specialist, Juan Benito Hernández Titan, this is a technique used worldwide and involves applying steam to the layers of deposits to decrease oil viscosity to allow for easier extraction.

He noted that the equipment for this work comprises filters, boilers and protective products, as well as technology to monitor each phase of the process and diagnose variations and environmental impacts.

The project recently completed the first testing phase and three new wells were injected with steam, a process that will be repeated several times a year to give continuity to the thermal effects in the drilled subsoil.

Chief Engineer Andrey Brebenev said Boca de Jaruco is the ideal place to apply the thermal method because its sites are some of the most exploited in the country, having been active since the late 60s.

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